Letter to Class of 2020

July 03, 2020

Letter to Class of 2020

2020 Graduates:

Unlike any other time in our history, your class has been forced to deal with more obstacles, disappointments, delays, confusion, ever-moving calendars, isolation, separation, and unfinished rites of passage.  We can’t imagine the emotional and mental fortitude it has taken to navigate through the second half of your Senior year.  

You have fought, scrapped, clawed and persevered in spite of the circumstances.  You have learned some invaluable life lessons over the past few months.  You have learned that delay doesn’t mean denial.  You have developed  the ability to focus on a long-term approach.  You have adapted and still overcome!  You have made the decision to pursue the positive and cast aside the negative.  These are lessons that many adults never learn.  Yes, things have not been ideal yet you have already matured due to the impacts of the pandemic.  These life lessons will carry you forward and you will lay hold of success earlier in life because of these experiences.  

We are so proud of you – all of you!  Each one of you have turned your disappointments into defining moments.  You have proved all the “Haters” wrong.  You have not allowed this portion of your journey to be your final destination.  You have positioned yourself well on the path to your destiny.  Graduating High School is a big deal.  You should celebrate that important accomplishment.  Soak in the moment and reflect on all the wonderful times!  

As you turn your attention toward your transition to college, let us share with you some practical advice. You should spend extra time with your family.  You will miss them more than you realize.  Make memories with your friends.  You will see them less than you realize.  Prepare yourself for college life.  In college, you will need to manage your time better.  Don’t get distracted by things that waste your time.  Schedule time for yourself and to catch up on rest!  Call your parents, siblings and Grandparents often (Do it for them!).  Take good notes in class (even during online courses). Don’t procrastinate.  Stay ahead on homework. Get it done early so you can relax. Stay true to yourself.  Don’t adjust to those around you.  Make them accept you for who you are. Be strong and be yourself.  You will be happier that way.  Stay aware of your surroundings.  Don’t put yourself in vulnerable situations.  Don’t go places by yourself.  Always go with a group or a close trusted friend.  It could save your life.  Give your best. You have come too far to only give a half-hearted effort.  Did we mention sleep?  You will need more sleep to maintain your physical and mental health.  Learn to laugh at yourself and remove the expectation of perfection. Ask for help – we all need help from time to time.  Learn how to budget! Be assertive. Set boundaries in all relationships.  Establish a routine – this will help with structure and keep you on track.  Watch what you eat. Exercise is a must.  And lastly, remember that you will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Choose your friends wisely.  Surround yourself with people that are as motivated as you and have similar value systems.  Find friends that will provoke you to be the best version of yourself!  

As your volleyball family, we have enjoyed watching you develop into powerful young women.  Your dedication and determination has been inspiring to observe.  Thank you for giving yourself to a beautiful sport.  Thank you for allowing us to be in your life.  Thank you for loving us even when we had bad days!  Thank you for enriching our lives.  Thank you for trusting us!  Thank you for making us laugh.  Thank you being more than just a volleyball player.   Thank you for making the world a better place!  

Now is not the time to shrink back.  Be bold!  We believe in you and we know that you will be a shining light into this dark world.  Go be the transformation that we all desperately need.  Go be exactly what you are designed to be!  

We will miss you. We love you unconditionally and we will always be here for you!  


Your United Volleyball Coaches & Directors

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