Beach Travel Team

Fall and Spring Travel Beach Teams : BEACH United Volleyball (

*Must not play AHSAA school ball due to AHSAA rules.* If you want to join us after your school season, then come to evaluations and let us know about your school committment.

All ages, 12u to 18u, Male and female are allowed to be on team.

Potential tournament locations: Atlanta, southern Florida area, Louisville, Nashville, and Huntsville.


Option 1: July 21st, 2 to 4 pm;

Option 2: July 23rd 530 to 730 pm


Fall details: We will practice, scrimmage adults, and strength train. Details on exact days will be known once team is formed. Minimum 3 days a week.
Spring details: We will practice 1 day a week and play in ample of tournaments. This will allow athletes to play indoor if still desired.


Practice begins: Early August and will continue with 3 days a week until February. Off Fall break, holidays, 2 weeks in December, and New year week. If it is colder than 32 degrees, then we will forgo practice in the sand (similar to soccer, softball, and other outdoor sports). Alternative solutions may be playing indoor if the gym is available for those colder days in January/February

Tournaments: Players will be registered for tournaments by United. Parents you will only be required to purchase tournament memberships and provide those membership numbers to United. Exact tournament dates and locations will be determine at the end of 2024. Spring 2025 tournaments are not available for sign up yet.

Includes facility costs, coaches pay, tournament entry fees, travel costs, equipment costs, business costs, etc...
Does not include gear required OR membership (AVP, P1440, BVCA, BVNE)
Memberships can be purchased once you are confirmed to be playing in a tournament. Do not purchase early unless you know for sure you are competing in those specific sanctioned tournaments.
*note: if you don't play in a tournament that is preselected then your overall cost is not reduced. There will be alot of time and effort spent on United's end coordinating players to compete in tournaments regardless of if you play or not.
*For BVCA club vs club tournament selection, there will be an extra 50 dollar charge applied which is not captured in cost due to BVCA only having females in these styled tournaments. You will be notified of this in advance.

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