May to July Season Offerings (click here to register)

Middle School League
High School League
VolleyMom and VolleyDad Nights Out
Positional Training
Skill Workshops

UFIT: Designed to help improve your performance on the court! This program encompasses training to help elevate your vertical, speed, and overall fitness to better your stamina and skills during games.

ULITE: Designed to introduce volleyball at 6-12 years and continue to build skills and game-like play/competition through year 12.

VolleyMom & VolleyDad’s Night Out: just what it sounds like! We know how hard parents work and we want to offer a cheap option for a night off while your child is engaging in volleyball fun!

Middle School and High School League: create a team with friends to represent your school OR create a team with friends from different schools and play in a fun league to keep reps ahead of school and next travel season!

August to November Season Offerings: 

SMASH League
Skill Workshops

December to April Season Offerings: 

This is club/travel season. See Club/Travel Season and Local Season tab for more information. 

Occasional positionals

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