Wanting to train specific position skills? These sessions are for you! Below are some of the things we work on in positional lessons:
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Precise and quick placement of the ball to allow the attackers to hit effectively. Ability to handle the ball cleanly and accurately. Quick thinking and strategic decision-making to determine the best option for setting based on the situation.
Ability to time and jump effectively to block the opponent's hits. Fast-paced hits from the setter's sets. Quick lateral movement to be effective in both blocking and attacking.
First Contact
Passing skills to handle tough serves and make accurate passes to the setter. Defensive skills to dig hard-hit attacks and keep the ball in play. Quick lateral movement to cover large areas of the court effectively.
Pin Hitters (Outsides & Opps)
Ability to read court and quick decisions on where to place attack. Off-blocker defensive skills to help create effective. Build defensive reading to ensure a proper block is set for the middle to close.

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