SMASH League

This is a Fall League for 7th-12th grade volleyball players not playing in school season with a unique twist based on the current Athletes Unlimited League.
3x wk (2x practice days and 1x competition day) for 8 weeks
Practice nights are Tuesday/Thursday nights 6:30-8pm.
Competition day is Sunday afternoon 1-5 pm.
On the first day of practice, players will be placed on a team and practice for the week (Coach will be provided for each team). On Sunday afternoons they will compete and stats will be kept. The players with the highest stats will be the Captains for the teams that next week and draft a new team. Tuesday will be Draft day and practice will begin with their new team and coach for the week (both practices and competition Sunday).
An opportunity to improve your skills with a variety of players and coaches in the Fall.
Cost is $250 per player

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