Spring Beach Info

Spring Beach season offers practices for all skill levels from March to June! Sprouts, Hybrid, and Beach Travel are options to select from. 

Sprouts- Ages 7 to 12u. Beginning level volleyball. Passing and serving are big focuses of sprouts training. We play a mini-tournament at the end of season! For the 2024 season, practices are on Thursdays from 530-630pm and the season runs from Mar 21st through May 9th. No uniforms are required. 

Hybrid- Ages 12 to 18u. For athletes that are on travel club teams or just want less commitment but have the basic volleyball skills in their toolset. We focus on general improvement of the individual athlete while teaching beach volleyball flow, offenses, defenses, and tactics. For the 2024 Spring Hybrid Season, practices time options are Tuesday or Wednesday from either 5-7pm or 7-9pm. Athletes choose 1 practice to attend each week and sign up for session.  Mini Tournaments throughout season with the main tournament being during Alabama Beach Week on June 22nd (in Huntsville). Uniforms are required.

Beach Travel Team- Ages 12 to 18u. For athletes that want to be committed to beach only and do not play indoor. Tryouts required as there will be 6 athletes max for this program. With team model, we register you and your partner for tournaments. The 2024 tournaments are Feb 25 (HSV), Mar 16/17 (ATL), Apr 7 (HSV), and Apr 13/14 (NSH - Hyden). Tentative practice schedule is for Mondays from 530-730pm running from Feb 19th through Apr 8th.

Registration for Spring Beach here!

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